Miracle Consciousness


A distant cousin to the 'glass half full' and the 'glass half empty' is Miracle Consciousness.  I have found this to be a state of being where all things are possible while meeting any limitations which may present themselves.  Miracle Consciousness allows me to see what is here right now, and to keep it in the perspective of the Infinite, which runs through every aspect, including this body/mind/spirit!  Even on a global scale, as corruption is unveiled in the food industry, human rights and civil liberties, I find myself embracing Miracle Consciousness.  This is not a la-dee-da state of being, where I surround myself with pink flowers and think only 'good thoughts'.  It is a fully engaged awareness of each situation along with the willingness to act, to write letters, to stand up for what I believe in and at the same time realize that the Governments are not ultimately in charge, the Banks are not ultimately in charge, the police and military are not ultimately in charge.......Spirit is.  How is it we tend to forget that the infinite Love, Grace and Light that permeates every iota of existence is also present in personal conflicts, in stress at work and in international affairs?  If we can have the presence of being to bring The Infinite into every dilemma, we free ourselves from the powerlessness of being at the mercy of circumstance.  We free ourselves from inevitable outcomes and from worst-case scenarios.  As we access this highest kaona of being inside of ourselves, and expand our perception, we create space, possibility and change.  We can easily forget that The Greatest Force in the Universe, the Higher Power, The Light of Illumination is also here now.  All we have to do is remember that with 'God' All Things are Possible.  Where is 'God' in the midst of all this anyway?  For the Indigenous Mind, The Great Spirit exists within all of life.  We are each a unique expression of this Infinite Mystery......With US, All Things Are Possible.  There is nothing that can't be healed, and it is never too late to 'save the planet'.   Staying open to outcomes that we haven't yet experienced can open the way to a whole new spectrum of experience.  A miracle is the manifestation of the unknown.  Don't assume that what has always been, will always be!  As we are willing to open to The Mystery — what we don't already know — we arrive in Miracle Consciousness, and experience the Limitless with each breath.   If we work as One to face all the limitations, activate inspired action while remembering that we are the Infinite Field — Spirit itself manifest in form — we will truly be witness to many, many miracles, in our own lives, and in the world. 

"Never underestimate the Power of One. 
YOU are the Light of the World!"