The Body Consciousness Training is a program which brings us into contact with the Ancient Wisdom in our bodies, showing us that every aspect of ourselves is Alive.

The Body Consciousness Training gives us an opportunity to approach our bodies in a new way — a way which brings recognition to our essential Life Force.

This 9-Week Course will ask you to slow down, listen with a refined attention, and allow new perceptions to unfold. It is a journey of exploration, discovery and wonder deep into the cells of the body as well as our Perceptive Field.

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A different way of being in the world

A 4-Part Dialogue Series with jody Mountain & Jeff Carreira

Join Writer & Meditation Master, Jeff Carreira in a series of deeply potent conversations with Jody Mountain introducing ancient, yet radically new perspectives on the nature of our existence as human beings. Ancient Lomi Lomi offers new ways of coming into alignment with Spirit through our cellular consciousness.

Discover how to move through old patterning and ideas of who we have known ourselves to be, and into a new paradigm. We invite you to journey with us into an embodied consciousness which expands to our communion with all of Life.

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Restoring Our Natural Abundance

A 4-Part Live Online Course with Jody Mountain

Saturdays • April 2019 • 2PM Hawai’i time

Those of us on a Spiritual Path can often feel conflicted living in the midst of a paradigm that glorifies money as the source of survival and success. We have been programmed to believe that the dominant paradigm is in control. Ancient Wisdom guides us to a Source of navigating that shines from a different place and opens us to possibilities we cannot even imagine.

Join Jody and Lineage of Light for a Journey of unwinding our old beliefs around money, abundance and support, and step into the Natural Order of Life — Infinite Flow.

You are the endless Abundance that you are seeking. Let the transmutation of Ancient Wisdom awaken in you and open the way.

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