Will I learn Ancient Lomi Lomi at this Retreat?

Yes.   You will learn the foundational energetics as well as enough technique to offer a full session of Ancient Lomi Lomi.


Do I have to be a Massage Therapist or be interested in massage to attend this Retreat? 

No.  Many people attend the Retreat to absorb and experience the life-changing principles and do not intend to practice the bodywork.   Ancient Lomi Lomi is simply one of the tools provided to facilitate deep transformation.


What is the schedule? 

The sequence and sometimes content of the training is unique to each group, however,  the following areas will be addressed:
•  Ho'omanamana (Body Inventory Movement Practice)
•  Ka'alele au(Moving Meditation)
•  Ho'oponopono(Personal and Spiritual Harmony)
•  Lomi Lomi technique for the back, legs, arms,
   neck, face, abdomen, shoulders, hips, feet
•  Alignment, Breathwork
•  Hawaiian Geomancy
•  Session protocal, music, closure
•  Contraindications


Can I stay off site? 

No.  The Residential format is in place to facilitate a 24 hour transmission of the supportive energetics of the Training and to allow you to be in a 'neutral' setting, free from your everyday associations.


Should I read up on Hawaiian Healing techniques before I attend the Retreat?

 Not necessary.  The work is about you and not about any concepts you might find in a book.  Best to come with 'beginner's mind'.  This training provides a quantum 'reset' of your perceptive field. 


I've already studied Lomi Lomi and am an experienced Massage Therapist.  Can I come directly to the Retreat for Previous Students? 

No.  These are unique experiential trainings which have less to do with technique and expertise and more to do with coming into a more finely tuned alignment with Spirit inside your body.  The expertise you can develop from this place, is unparalleled.


Is transportation to the Retreat Centre included in the cost? 

The cost of the Retreat includes:  all food, accommodation, retreat supplies, tuition and transport during the training.  Airport transfers are generally not included. Shuttles will be available for an additional cost, where possible. The Organizer in each area can help you with travel arrangements and will do their best to assist in anyway they can.


What If I have food allergies? 

We are happy to accommodate those with special dietary needs.   Meals for the Retreat are organic, vegan and locally sourced where possible.


Will we be doing yoga? 

You will be learning a variety of movement meditations, some of which may seem similar to yoga, but are designed to access more subtle avenues of energy and light in your system.