Retreat Schedule • 2017

Canada • Switzerland • Ireland • Maui


Maui, big island & Kaua'i • January 1, 2017 — March 31,2017

72-Day journey • open to previous participants only

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This course is for alumni of Lineage of Light Retreats, who are well grounded in the work of Ancient Lomi Lomi.  We will be introduced toother teachers and modalities of healing work including Therapeutic Lomi Lomi, La'au Lapa'au (Herbal) Healing and 'Energy Work'.

Please contact Jody directly with your interest.




Maui, Hawai'i • february 15 - 28, 2017

14-Day Immersion Training • open to previous participants only
Private venuE • Kipahulu, Maui


This two week Immersion will give participants a chance to dive deeply into the mystical foundations of Ancient Lomi Lomi, as well as refine the application with introductions to deep work, internal organ work, brain & nervous system among others.  The two week span gives us a chance to meet aspects of ourselves and the work that can take time to arise naturally.  We will be in the pristine and fertile Kipahulu Valley on a working farm, Immersed in the untouched beauty and resonance of Maui.

Come into deeper harmony with the higher kaona of our cellular wisdom.  Welcome.  I look forward to our adventure!



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Toronto • ENHANCING SACRED SESSIONS • May 5-7, 2017* 

For Lineage of Light Alumni Only• Private Richmond Hill location

This is a 3-Day non-Residential Workshop to Review and Advance both Technique & Resonance.  This Workshop is open to anyone who has attended at least one Training Retreat with Jody & Lineage of Light.

We will begin Friday evening May 5th, with an optional Introductory Gathering and Potluck.  If you are alumni currently in the flow of offering Ancient Lomi Lomi, or are wanting to reconnect and review, we would love to see you!



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Contact:  Organizer Yvonne Philpott
Phone:  905.770.1040

Ireland • May 17-23, 2017* 

7-Day Residential Training Retreat • Open to new participants
Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat, Leitrim, Ireland

Experience this profound work in the wonder and magic of Ireland.  Opening new avenues of Life, Light and Spirit in the body / mind gives us ever-widening capacities for healing and to experience greater and greater vistas of Life Itself.  Very similar to the ancient Celts, the ancient, pre-Polynesian Hawaiians found their sense of self, community and spirituality as one with the land, with Nature and with Life Itself — inside of us and all around us.  This course will guide us into reconnecting with our innate and true foundations, and back to the essence of our being.  We will learn practices to ground this essence in every cell, releasing old programming and conditioning that tell us we are anything less than that.  From this place, in a new expanded foundation, we are able to transmit the profound healing of Ancient Lomi Lomi (Kahuna Bodywork).  We invite you into a powerful journey to the Heart of your Life!


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Contact:  Caragh Munn
Phone: (via WhatsApp or Text)  
087 240 6867

Ireland • May 25-31, 2017*

7-Day Residential Training Retreat • 'Opening to the Mystery'
Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat, Leitrim, Ireland

**Prerequisite:  At least one previous course with Lineage of Light. 

Join us as we deepen our experience of Presence In Motion.  We will explore the possibilities of new rhythms, techniques and openings to bring all aspects of ourselves into a fluid navigation of all aspects of Life and the Body.  Meeting our inner and outer worlds, we will have an expanded opportunity to come into an accelerated resonance with Life, giving our clients an opportunity to enter into even greater healing. A 3-Day Sacred Site Integration Tour follows this Retreat.

Take both Ireland Trainings together for a 14-Day Immersion in the work!   Special savings apply.


**sold out**

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Contact:  Caragh Munn
Phone: (via WhatsApp or Text)  
087 240 6867

Switzerland • June 5-11, 2017

7-Day Residential Training Retreat
Kientalerhof — Center for holistic bodywork & development of consciousness

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Join us in the magical valley of Kinetal as we open to this Ancient work of coming back to our essential, embodied resonance.  We will restore the pathways of Indigenous Wisdom from forgotten channels in the body, to our conscious mind.  Reclaim your Mana (essential Life Force) and embody more of who you are on all levels.  This Retreat resets our foundations as conduits of healing for ourselves and for others. Ancient Lomi Lomi bodywork grows out of a new way of seeing and being.  Join us for this profound 'reset button' opening us to the magic of Life!


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Visit:  Ancient Lomi Lomi Training — Embodying Ancient Wisdom

Please Email Organizer Caragh Munn at:
with any questions you may have.
Caragh may also be reached via Text or What'sApp at 087 240 6867

30-Day ApprenticeshiP • 'Cultivating Mana' 
September 2017

Pre-requisite:  3 Recent Training Retreats with Lineage of Light




• Technique Tutorials
•  Intensive Session Practice
•  Music Preparation
•  Sacred Site Visits
•  Ancient Navigation
•  Working with Resonance
•  Individual Expansion

Maui, Hawai'i • NOVEMBER 12 - 21, 2017

10-Day Training RETREAT • open to NEW & previous participants
Private venuE • Kipahulu, Maui


Join us for the fist 10-Day Training Retreat for New Participants on Maui!  We will be held by the pristine Kipahulu Valley in the remote Eastern tip of Maui. Enjoy organic, vegan creations by Master Chef, Sarabeth Rings as we open to this profound work.  This 10 Day Retreat is far more than a bodywork training as we learn to Embody the Sacred.  Be prepared for deeply personal work as we come into alignment with the body's ancient consciousness, and it's expression in Ancient Lomi Lomi.

This Retreat will fill up fast!  Click the link below fo submit an Application.


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Contact:  Caragh Munn
Phone: (via WhatsApp or Text)  
087 240 6867