Retreat Schedule • 2018

Maui • Ireland • Switzerland


Maui, Hawai'i • NOVEMBER 12 - 21, 2017

10-Day Training RETREAT • open to NEW & previous participants
Private venuE • Kipahulu, Maui


Join us for the first 10-Day Training Retreat for New Participants on Maui!  We will be held by the pristine Kipahulu Valley in the remote Eastern tip of Maui. Enjoy organic, vegan creations by Master Chef, Sarabeth Rings as we open to this profound work.  This 10 Day Retreat is far more than a bodywork training as we learn to Embody the Sacred.  Be prepared for deeply personal work as we come into alignment with the body's ancient consciousness, and it's expression in Ancient Lomi Lomi.

This Retreat will fill up fast!  Click the link below to submit an Application.



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Contact:  Caragh Munn
Phone: (via WhatsApp)  

Maui Immersion • February 24 - March 9, 2018

14-Day Immersion Training • open to previous participants only
Private venuE • Ha'iku, Maui


Workshop space walkway March 2016 - Lincoln.jpg

Join us for 2 weeks of Immersion in the Land & Potent Energy of Maui and take a deep dive on this Ancient Path.  This Retreat is open only to previous participants, so we will be able to fly directly into the deeper aspects of the work.  Restore your connection with the Nature inside as well as outside of you. Receive individual instruction and refinements in the bodywork, and see what this mystical adventure holds for you!





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Contact:  Caragh Munn
Phone: (via WhatsApp)  
on Maui call:  808.269.0591

Ireland • May 26 - June 1, 2018

7-Day Residential Training Retreat • Open to new participants
the boghill centre, Co. Clare, Ireland

Experience this profound work in the stunning beauty of Ireland.  Expand your capacity for the healing of yourself and others through new avenues of Life, Light and Spirit in the body / mind.  This Retreat will bring us back to our original union with Life, Spirit and our own unique path.  Very similar to the ancient Celts, the ancient, pre-Polynesian Hawaiians found their sense of self, community and spirituality as one with the land, with Nature and with Life Itself — inside of us and all around us.  We will learn practices to awaken ground this essence in every cell, releasing old programming and conditioning that tell us we are anything less than that.  From this new, expanded foundation, we are able to transmit the profound resonance of Ancient Lomi Lomi (Ke Ala Hoku — Pathway to the Stars).  We invite you into a powerful journey to the Heart of your Life!


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Contact:  Caragh Munn
Phone: (via WhatsApp)  

Ireland immersion • June 4-17, 2018*

14-Day immersion Training
Ard Nahoo Eco Retreat, Leitrim, Ireland

*Prerequisite:  At least one previous course with Lineage of Light. 

Dive into the Mystery in this 14-Day Immersion — the first one of it's kind in Ireland!  Immersions offer us the opportunity to accelerate, deepen and expand in technique, resonance and depth of understanding. This is a pathway to experience the original, ancient teaching , to rekindle your relationship with Life, your body and your path.

This Workshop will include New Explorations & Techniques.  Details can be found here.


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Contact:  Caragh Munn
Phone: (via WhatsApp)  

Switzerland•  June 25-July 1, 2018

7-Day Residential Training Retreat • Open to new participants


Join us in the magnificent Kiental Valley — a UNESCO Heritage Site — for an opportunity to Embody the Sacred through the experiential work of Ancient Lomi Lomi. Learn to navigate Life with an integrated Body, Mind & Spirit. From this resonance of wholeness, we enter the practice of Ancient Lomi Lomi.  Expand your capacity for Healing and step into a new way of Being!

This is challenging and life-changing work which asks us to come face to face with our limiting patterns.  If you are ready to experience an awakening of The Body Consciousness, and say YES to more Life, I look forward to seeing you!




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Contact:  Lina Sjodin
41 79 33 0000 5

30-Day ApprenticeshiP • 'Cultivating Mana'
August 15 - September 15, 2018

Pre-requisite:  3 Recent Training Retreats with Lineage of Light

2015 apprenticship presence.jpg

CThis Intensive, month long workshop is open to those who have taken at least 3 trainings and are specifically wanting to enhance their practice of Ancient Lomi Lomi Bodywork in a semi-private teaching environment.

The Apprenticeship will accept a maximum of 3 people and will include:

• Intensive Session Practice
• Individualized Technique Tutorials
• Refined Music Preparation for each session
• Sacred Site Visits
• Working with the land
°  Geomancy of the Body
•  Working with Resonance
•  Personal Expansion


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2-Week Residency Training
October 1-14, 2018

Pre-requisite:  3 weeks of Training with Lineage of Light

jody lomi 10.jpg

This Training for Previous students, will focus on refinements in the bodywork. Full sessions of Ancient Lomi Lomi will be interspersed with individualized Tutorials and refinement sessions. We will look at all aspects of session protocol — from Client Intake to post-session follow-up, including expanded techniques for deep work, organ work and coming into relationship with the bones.  This semi-private Training will be limited to 4 students only.




Details & Applications Coming Soon!

Maui Hawai'i • NoveMBER 9-17, 2018

10-Day Residential Training • Open to new participants

Workshop Space front inside March 2016  - Lincoln.jpg

Join us for a 10-Day Immersive Training in Ancient Lomi Lomi.

Details & Applications Coming Soon!

CoMing soon

Teacher training modules*

• Ho'omanamana
• flying
• ho'oponopono / core & cellular healing
• Ancient lomi Lomi bodywork

*Prerequisites apply


• transformational retreats to ignite spirit in the body
• ancient wisdom practices to create more freedom and flow in our lives
• ancient Lomi Lomi session with accredited practitioners