advanced trainings* • 2019/2020

Maui • ireland • Switzerland

  • For those who have attended at least 1 Retreat with Lineage of Light
    Please check each workshop for prerequisites


Teaching Ho’omanamana* • Maui • Nov 1-8, 2019

7-Day Residential Training Retreat • open to apprentices & accredited practitioners

This Workshop, *for qualified Apprentices & Accredited Practitioners only, will focus on Ho’omanamana — the practice of releasing constrictions in the tissues to embody more mana. Ho’omanamana tranforms blockages into “contributing factors” in our system. Qualified students will learn how to address the joints, soft tissues, bones and organs, with use of the breath, both gentle & strengthening movement, creating more softness, support & freedom on all levels of being.

Participants accepted will have a consistent practice of personal daily Ho’omanamana in their lives for at least the last 6 months.

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maui Immersion • February 13-26, 2020

14-Day Residential Training Retreat • 1 previous training required

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Join us for a 2-Week Immersion and deepen your inner navigation, connection with the land, and open to the next horizon of your bodywork practice. Dive into the beauty and resonance of Maui and reconnect, in deeper ways, to the Sacred in every cell. We will refine and expand our practices of Ka’alele ‘au (Flying), Ho’omanamana and Ancient Lomi Lomi technique. If you are ready to meet more of the Mystery inside of you, through the work, it would be a joy to see you.

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Maui • June 1-30, 2020* • ‘Cultivating Mana’

30-Day Apprenticeship Training • 3 previous trainings required


The Apprenticeship Training is a 30-Day Residential course for those who have attended at least 3 Retreats with Lineage of Light. Students already practicing Ancient Lomi Lomi will participate in full length sessions on members of the local community. Students will be engaged with the Mana of the work on many levels: working with the land, cultivating navigation skills, and the ability to integrate the work into daily life. This Training is limited to 4 students to ensure ample individual attention.

This is an opportunity to refine the principles and practice of Ancient Lomi Lomi, and take your sessions to the next place.

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teaching ho’oponopono • September, 2020 (dates TBA)

7-Day teaching module • open to apprentices & accredited practitioners


This Retreat will open avenues of stepping into more alignment with our deepest self, and absorbing ways in which we can help others do the same. Meeting the layers of our experience and Inernal Family fully, we are able to embody more space for others to meet and transmute stagnant ways of being and old conflicts. We will explore a few different versions of Ho’oponopono that can unlock more harmony, understanding and Grace in our lives.

Open only to Apprentices & Accredited Practitioners.

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Ireland Immersion • september, 2020 (dates TBA)

14-Day Residential Training Retreat • prerequisite of 1 Retreat

Join us in the pure magic of Ireland to deepen your presence and practice in this 2-Week Immersion. These retreats involve potent refinement, develop our expanded attention and bring us into a clearer alignment with Source in every moment. Ancient Lomi Lomi holds a resonance field similar to the Ancient Celts of Ireland. The work is profoundly welcomed and supported here. If you are ready to say ‘yes’ to the next opening, and be in a strong container, this may be your opportunity.

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Ancient Lomi Lomi Deep Study Program* • January - June 2020

6-Month home study program • 3 previous trainings required


The Ancient Lomi Lomi Deep Study Program has been created from increasing requests to learn more about how to facilitate this profound transmission of healing for ourselves and others, and continue dedicated study from anywhere in the world. 

This is a minimum 6 month program with ongoing support, advanced protocols, training videos & 3 levels of evaluation.  The Program will include a minimum number of hours in Foundational Practice as well as Ancient Lomi Lomi sessions.

The Ancient Lomi Lomi Deep Study Program will bring you into a higher resonance with the work and your own expansion.  It is an accelerated way to gain more connection, flow, harmony and successful Navigation Skills for Life and for any modality of healing work.  For those who wish additional Certification, there is an Accreditation option which will allow you listing on this website as an Accredited Practitioner.

Prerequisite Requirements:  3 Retreat Trainings with Jody within a 2 year period.  You will need to initiate the Deep Study Program within one year of completing your final Prerequisite Requirement.

*Recommended Prerequisite:  The 30-Day Apprenticeship

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UPCOMING Teacher training modules*

*Prerequisites apply:  Open to Apprentices & accredited practitioners
flying — May 2019 • Ireland
Ho'omanamana — November 2019 • Maui
ho'oponopono / core & cellular healing — September 2020 • Ireland
Ancient lomi Lomi bodywork — 2021