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Jody Mountain, Student of Kahu Abraham Kawai'i, offers a combination of Ancient Wisdom Sciences, Core Cellular Healing & Ancient Lomi Lomi, (also known as Ke Ala Hōkū — Pathway to the Stars), to facilitate an embodied blossoming of new areas of our consciousness.

This Ancient work offers a new paradigm of perception, transforming the way we experience ourselves and the world around us. In our bodywork trainings, you will learn to transmit this powerful resonance through Ancient Lomi Lomi — a rare form of bodywork from pre-Polynesian Hawai'i. In our ‘Embodying Spirit’ Trainings, you will have the opportunity to experience Ancient Navigation of your inner and outer worlds, through movement, embodiment practices and Core & Cellular Healing / Ho’oponopono.

Restore and regenerate your Vitality, Well-Being and Radiance from the inside out.  Open new avenues from the Sacred Wisdom of the Body, to the Mind, Open new channels of communication from Your Soul, and Connect Directly with the Light at the Center of Your Existence.  This is Spiritual Training which embraces all aspects of Life.

Like her teacher,Kahu Abraham Kawai'i, Jody offers work that transcends race, culture and 'tradition'.  It is simply a journey of discovery, empowerment and transformation — a journey which allows you to enter the quantum field of your body, and live from this authentic place of ever-expanding perception.  Experience your innate connection with all of Life as a path to realizing your deepest and highest potential.

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“I have done many intensive trainings in many traditions, but nothing has made may heart sing so much and resonate with such truth. This has been the best 6 Days of my Life! Mahalo a thousand times. —M.Magan, Ireland”


Timeless days of Discovery, Movement Meditation, Quantum Expansion & Ancient Bodywork with Jody Mountain.

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Ancient Lomi Lomi Therapeutic Lomi Lomi
Core & Cellular Healing


"Every one of us is an expanse of infinite possibility, a Song waiting to be sung, a Seed bursting to sprout, an Epic Adventure waiting to be discovered. Whatever Life presents to us today, this moment, IS the next step to our highest potential. Releasing resistance and allowing every circumstance and emotion to propel us forward in life, is the gift of the Ancients."

*PLEASE NOTE:  This work is applicable to all those who are seeking Profound Personal Transformation, across all wellness fields, as well as anyone interested in more vital wellbeing & a deeper experience of Life. The skill or desire to practice massage professionally is not required. Jody teaches through the Universal Principles that were passed to her through her teacher Kahu Abraham Kawai'i of the Big Island and Kaua'i.  Not to be confused with "Hawaiiana," her practice is expressed through the pathways of original Indigenous Wisdom including Ancient Hawaiian Mysticism & Ancient Lomi Lomi.  Jody's indigenous ancestries include; South American Indian, Japanese Ainu, Arawak Indian, African, Celtic, and Judeo-Aramid.


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