“I don’t know how to put it into words, what you have done for me.  Something burst inside and it was full of light. I broke through years and years of holding In some way.   Now everyday is just more joy than the last. How can I thank you enough. It will be my pleasure to do work with you again Jody.   I hope that is soon.”   —W. Sakreida, (Administrator) Japan

"THANK YOU for this gateway to another way of being.....So much gratitude for this beautiful, fertile experience."     —Lori Taketa, Eureka, California (Performance Artist, Ancient Lomi Lomi Therapist) Contact: LoriTaketa@gmail.com

"THANK YOU for this gateway to another way of being.....So much gratitude for this beautiful, fertile experience." —Lori Taketa, Eureka, California (Performance Artist, Ancient Lomi Lomi Therapist) Contact: LoriTaketa@gmail.com


"Not one day happens that I do not think of you and Abraham and the wonderful work you do. I wish so much that this knowledge and wisdom flows in every classroom of the world. That would be a Revolution of Being for all humans and t h a t would change the world!! I also felt that your Ho'oponopono (Prayer Process) is very, very powerful. I do not know what you did. I've also prayed since I was a child and I went through many Transformations, but feel you have a Special key for it." —Renate Commiskey, Germany


"Dear Jody, Thank you for the life changing, deeply moving, revealing experience that keeps unfolding."
—Megan P., Maui, (Singer / Songwriter)


"I have to say that the unfoldings since the workshop have been phenomenal.  I wanted to say to you how beautiful I think the work you do is and what a wonderful mentor and guide you are.  I was inspired and uplifted......It is the transformation which my soul called for. So I am so thankful and grateful to you and Kahu and the paradigm of Ancient Lomi Lomi.......Using these tools, my own healing work seems so much more powerful and the experience for my clients is more on point.  So overall, I feel it was a missing piece to my puzzle and I just wanted to put it in writing and thank you. "   —Maeve Kelly, Ireland (Healing Therapist, Intuitive) 


I did my first workshop with Jody six months after my father death and the work done during this time totally freed me of the 13-years of pain, sadness and anger experienced during his disease. Since then, I have been at peace with his disease and death. I can think of him and smile.  I will be eternally grateful to Jody and those who taught her, for giving me keys on how to stop the war inside of me that was tearing me apart. Now it's blossoming time. 
—Natacha Buhler, (Communication Officer, Doctors Without Borders), Switzerland


I search for words big enough and vibrant enough to express my gratitude.  I have been in such a beautiful clear flow since the workshop in June, and it's wonderful. So much has integrated that was lying around in nooks and crannies of my being and I somehow feel more whole. Great Spirit smiles upon me and feels more accessible as grace has lifted my veils.  It's not that there have been no ups and downs but there is a simplicity in managing these, an ease and a knowing that really its all okay.  Also my Yoga Teaching has changed thanks to the influence of this work.  I had a client yesterday who called the Ancient Lomi Lomi liquid love and light pouring through her body. What wonder and magic is in this work.


I have done many intensive trainings in many traditions, but nothing has made may heart sing so much and resonate with such truth. 
This has been the best 6 Days of my Life! 
Mahalo a thousand times.

—Mia Sera Magan (Yoga Instructor, Massage Therapist), Ireland



"I have had anxiety and depression for as long as I can remember. Panic attacks have become a regular part of my life. I feel that I have allowed this to greatly shape my perspective, and my willingness to say yes to things outside of my comfort zone. A little piece of me, no matter what I do, ALWAYS hangs onto the known, to the comfortable, just in case. When I attended the Ireland retreat in June, I had a panic attack on either the first or the second day. The intensity of the situation, the depth of the work...it seemed too much for me to handle. At one point, I decided I couldn't do it anymore. Jody convinced me to stay, to wait it out. It was one of the best decisions I've made in my life. Everything I was taught, both by Jody and by the other beautiful souls at the retreat, has changed me. The work has changed me. Years (and I mean years) of treatments didn't give me what I've now received. Today marks 90 days without a panic attack. This, for me, is huge. Thank you for this work, and for keeping me going when I thought I couldn't. I'm a stronger person because of it."  —Workshop Participant, 2015


I am so grateful to have found another way to share the sacred with others.  Mahalo Nui Loa! 
—Cher Vrieling, Guardian of the Land, Pahana Estate, Maui.

Zen Powers, Ka'alele Au, Flying, Bliss

The study and practice of Ancient Lomi Lomi is one of the most important journeys I have ever embarked upon. The perspectives and practices contained with in this ancient science and art form have improved the relationships I have with all things. From the ways I navigate my internal environment, to the way I perceive the world around me, all is forever changed!  

Participation in Jody’s workshops has allowed me to see myself more clearly and therefore become my self more fully. I no longer see life as something that simply happens, I now feel life as a force that is happening through me. 

In eternal gratitude for the generations of wisdom keepers who have and still do carry this Lineage of Light, Mahalo Nui Loa!
—Zen Powers,  (Student / Bodyworker / Carrier of Indigenous Wisdom in Wildcrafting, Survival & Healing)  Maui


Shelley Paul, Lotus Heart Centre, Yoga

It's been two years since I took my first Ancient Lomi Lomi with Jody and my life has opened up dramatically. I now see how yoga and Ancient Lomi Lomi fit perfectly together to  enhance each in a practical hands-on way.  I have experienced an expansion that defies explanation.  This course has given me a new avenue to create healing for myself, others and the planet.  There is nothing more important we can do for ourselves.  It has answered the calling of my soul and has brought purpose and direction to my life in so many ways......like a springboard to dive into the vastness of the unknown.  Ancient Lomi Lomi has allowed me to bridge the great potential from the conscious mind to the sub conscious, awakening the wisdom in every cell of my physical body. Yoga does this as well but Ancient Lomi Lomi gives us the vehicle, not just any vehicle, a direct, fast and highly efficient connection to the laws of knowledge and creation.  It has forever enriched my life. Much gratitude to Jody for facilitating and opening the doors to this ancient wisdom!   —Shelley Paul, (Yoga Instructor) Toronto, Canada


Dearest Jody,  Most heartfelt of thanks to you for the sacred and beautiful time in Boghill.  I am now experiencing life in a profoundly different way and am so grateful to you for showing me the way.  I would absolutely love to work with you again in the future... let's see where!  —Caragh (M.A.,) Ireland



Ancient Lomi Lomi with Lineage of Light, opened many doors for me, for understanding my body but more important my soul! What a big step I made, it is absolutely magical!  I feel so blessed......Ancient Lomi Lomi, it is opening the knowledge of the cells, and to me it opened a lot, many lives, stories of my history, I went a long way back to the beginning of time.... And here I am !!!! I am one with my soul.......Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart, that you shared this great wisdom of yours ! That we all can once more wake on this magical place called earth, as how we truly are   Mahalo in love, Sybill —S.D. Austria


Someone asked what was the biggest thing I learned from my first training and what came to mind was "it changed how I think".  While that may not sound profoundly life changing, it truly is.  As a result of doing this work, every thought , belief and old pattern got turned upside down and therefore began to shift and transform. I began to see things differently and observe thoughts, beliefs and patterns that were no longer for my highest and best good.  As I began to embrace a new way of being in the world, my life began to change. It seemed that everything in my world went into an accelerated rate of change and it continues! Not only did my thoughts and belief systems change but where I live, how I live and what I plan to do next in the world. I've now taken 4 trainings, and It's been quite a process over the last few years. It might fill pages if I were to try and summarize all the changes that have happened as a result of engaging in this work but what means the most is that I look at where I was and where I am now and am constantly amazed. Happily I can say that I've not been the same person since!  —A.G.,  (Registered Nurse)  Maui

Susan Morgan, Canary Islands, Spain, Sing

"I felt so great after returning home from the course in Ibiza in May and so much changed in my life immediately. I was offered a singing job for 5 nights a week which was an amazing opportunity and one which I truly believe would never have appeared had I not done this work, I just felt so incredibly confident, as though my inner light had lit up again! I am so inspired to continue on this path.  I started working with clients in the past few months and everybody has found it really amazing and I am enjoying it so much, i really want to continue with the work in what ever way I can. " —Sue Morgan, (Massage Therapist) Fuerteventura, Canary Islands • Email:  vitalitybodyworks.net@gmail.com   Website:  www.vitalitybodyworks.net

Angel, Maria Angel Costa, Ibiza, Spain, Goddess

I have experienced every Lineage of Light training as a huge jump into the unknown, swimming in deep, alive waters.   I have learned new skills to navigate in life and navigate through my bodywork sessions.  I  travel to the core of  existence deep within my body.  When resting in that space,  new doors of perception are available, revealing true beauty within and without , the real connection with the presence that permeates us all,  the same presence that is alive in the ocean, the rivers, animals, the wind, the stars... everything that exists...  These trainings are very practical and grounded,  yet at the same profound and mystical . The kind of mysticism that can help humanity to take a big leap in consciousness so that we can live in harmony with  Earth, our precious home and with each other, honoring our roots and our cosmic essence.  These trainings are nothing less than life changing. A blessing. A piece of truth that must live through us all.  —Maria Angel Costa, (Healer, Bodyworker), Spain  Email:  oceanluz@gmail.com  Website:  www.inannalayla.com


Aloha Jody, Words really can not express well, what you have done for me, but I try......thanks for your always wise and right words at the right time. I had this strong feeling you are the one who had to give me "the ultimate kick" to get rid off this kind of blockage I was wearing around for quite some time Even I did not expect it to turn out so dramatic. My life at this point changed 100 % and there is nothing known to hold on, so its quite impressing, but I feel very very happy deep inside and I know it is the lomilomi work that was ment to be my "tool" and it brings me back to my freedom of decision and freedom of creating things the way I do. I am so grateful for that and so very very happy you had this great knowledge from Kahu Abraham (and that he decided to share it) and that you decided to expand it to others in your own way!!!! I think the whole course was so "powerful" for me, that it took kind of my breath away and there were no words to describe my inner state.........and, yes, I guess, I was kind under shock:=) - but a positive one :=) Out there in space, wondering where I am with brain, but knowing that's me with heart. Anyway again and again.....1000000000 and more and more " thank yous"........"Mahalos"...............and hoping we will see us again in one of your future courses and hopefully will continue "surfing with stars through space with our hearts enlightened to other places inside ourselves". A big loving hug from all my heart and I know you will always be blessed by the universe for sharing your beautiful work and spirit. —Bettina Esteve, (Lomi Lomi Practitioner) Mallorca

Gabriel Gargari, Sing, Opera, Transformation, Seattle

Hi Jody,  It has been a great 5 days since the training and boy is being in the real world a different one.  Coming back home and seeing/receiving in a new light has been fascinating.  That inner confidence is definitely stronger and more apparent as I walk through the city.  It's a feeling of happiness with myself where I am enjoying feeling every inch and aspect of myself......Thank you for this special gift and for helping me realize what I had within myself. I am SO blessed to have been a part of this training.  Thank you Jody for all that you are!  You have helped me come to a place of self-acceptance and love that I have never felt before.  Thank you for this priceless gift! XOXO.  —Gabriel Gargari, (Tenor) •



Aloha Jody...I hope all is well you with you in this moment! Words can hardly express what has changed in my life since I got back from Maui... I just wanted to tell you so you know what huge impact your work has had...at least for me.... it feels.like the massive struggle I've had for many years has just been transformed. .I feel like I can breathe.  Moving FORWARD!! And I really don't think I would have had access to this healing without going through your training...I'm so truly grateful. Thank you for being you and for having the courage to bring forward this ancient wisdom.   You are a beautiful rare bird and I'm so happy that we flew together....and hopefully will again.  Thanks for everything, Jody...Love,  Kim Masoni, Massage Therapist, Contact: alohalife37@gmail.com


"Dear Jody,   So much has changed since the workshop...the change Within is a noticeable peace of mind,  ease and  inner strength, COMING FROM my  trust and faith in this universe that has increased so much. The magical world has opened up for me, I feel supported and guided and I have NO doubt  AT ALL  about that anymore, it feels like a much deeper Knowing…My mind has discarded some of its limited thinking and accepts the endless possibilities of every moment.  I just feel so incredibly good about myself, knowing that I inherit this great innate  intelligence right here in my  body and  everything  and everybody benefits and so it ripples on.  Through the teachings over the six days , it was more than just hearing but  really experiencing  the principles of expansion, attention, being authentic, acceptance, transformation, being brand-new, being the centre of my universe,  Applying it in my reality is exciting and I choose new ways of doing things.  I am less afraid of what's going to  happen , I feel safer in myself, more confident , I notice how i'm more spontaneous especially when it comes to talking, and I know that was one of my major blocks. So the changes are definitely there, not huge outer changes, because I'm not looking for that, but I'm sure if I wanted them  I would feel empowered to initiate them.  Knowing you from another workshop before ,  I had no concerns at all... I knew that you would hold the safest space for us all and that opening up is just the way to go, for everybody in their own time... or not.  I think this workshop should be prescribed,  these are skills for life to be learned ! Absolutely  worth every penny, (the worry about money is dissolving anyway, just another fear), so that's no reason and anything else that holds us  back is another excuse, so staying stuck or moving on, it's our choice.  Yes Jody, I'm truly grateful !"   —Iris Barisch,  (Massage Therapist / Lomi Lomi Practitioner), Crosshaven, Ireland


"One of the biggest challenges I have faced since coming home is to trying to answer the question – “how was your trip” because words cannot capture the experience. So my answer has become “It was beyond any of my expectations and words do not do justice to the experience.” Rather dramatically my osteopath told me that he felt the experience saved my life. So thank you to each and everyone of you for the gift of you and to Jody for calling us together and sharing with us."   —Dr. Susan Ziebarth., (Personal Coach) Ottawa, Canada  www.businesswomencoaches.com


SusanZiebarth, Personal Coach, Ottawa, Canada, Self-Realization

"Dear Jody,   It's been over two months ago that you gave me the wonderful Ancient Lomi Lomi massage, which has made a world of difference to me. I have been so much more relaxed, more at home in my skin, and overall more calm and happy.  Especially being back in the hustle and bustle of everyday life again, I notice a stronger calm in me.  And now for the good news ;-) after we got back from our holiday we started our first IVF cycle, and I got pregnant on the first try! It's still very early days, but I wanted to thank you for your help in this. I strongly believe the lomilomi has helped to make this happen and I cannot thank you enough.  This pregnancy aside, the Ancient Lomi Lomi was a wonderful experience which I will always treasure.  Thank you again."   —Mirjam (Businesswoman) Netherlands


"That was an amazing session I had with you Sunday. Since, I have been feeling so much calmer, centred, happy and connected to nature. I'm grateful for all that I have and all that I am . I feel like our session allowed me to say a better farewell to my son. I can let go of the details and cause of his death. What I experienced during the session encompassed many aspects of my life, making my focus expand and me realize how much I have been intent on a much smaller experience. When I saw you I was very upset and my thoughts were verging on suicide. That has changed. I am honored to be loved and to have my life and will do my best to use my time here to show my gratefulness. I am on my way home now and intend to follow up during the coming months. You may find me in one of your courses!" —J.P., Canada


Carrie Hebert, Cambodia, Musician

The session seemed to take me through many portals, some personal pain and residues and then mainly through layers of generations. As you worked on my back and energy released I saw the centuries of what people have done to others in the name of god, religion and against woman... I saw many scenes like clips from different times - the main theme was how I felt the agony of injustice and how people destroy others... indigenous people and women were the strongest images. I know this heritage in my ancestry and feel i connected more deeply to the deep sorrow of bearing witness to and being part of such a narrative of collective abuse.  There was a point when I felt all the ancient ancestors who were like keepers of an ancient wisdom came or maybe i arrived in their presence and they greeted me and if they had been expecting me. It was like a homecoming, I felt welcomed and at peace as if at the end of a long journey.  Then I became the open flower - my whole body felt like a wild orchid.... then as if I was the river and then the ocean... at one. I felt I was nature in a way that I have not felt so deeply before - this still moves me so much to think about now. It felt like a communion and unity from the deepest place within... where I dissolved and was at one with nature.  As I flew out of Hawaii towards Korea, I thought of the potential for war I felt such a deep sorrow - more  like a feeling of compassion for this world and how much it is in need of the medicine of soul love and the wisdom and unity of ourselves with nature and all beings. I hope and pray this continues to weave its way in and through my life and all I am and do.  And I hope we can meet again... I feel I have much to learn from this ancient way and from you.  Much love and gratitude for your courage and being in this world.  — C.H. (Cambodia)


Dearest Jody,  I' m still fascinated and touched by your work!   I feel completely clarified, purified and a lot of space in me, a lot of light, peace and stillness. Thank you so much - I never had a treatment like this!  —Elisabeth Bucher, (Businesswoman / Therapist) Switzerland


Lomi lomi from Jody: It felt like magic, gentle yet very effective and very involved, all my muscles felt and "questioned" and finally relaxed, like I felt 5 years younger after the session. But it wasn't just my body, it was my mind that ended up freed from anxiety. —Anonymous 'Yelp' Review


"Jody, your essence is a Big Light.  Thank you for walking your walk — bringing the integrity and grace that you are to this work.  I thoroughly enjoyed the training and look forward to working with you again!"   —J.C., (Physiotherapist) Dundalk, Ireland


I lived 10 years between Bali and India where I started making the first steps in the world of massage.  Immediately I found myself involved in a new world, full of movement, exchange and perception of the treated person's body and mine, a real exchange.

One day I searched the internet for information on the Hawaiian massage, and I was struck by a video of Jody Mountain.  In pure synchronicity, the next day in the village bazaar where I lived in Goa I met a Hawaiian girl who knew Jody and I felt that was important meet her.  In 2014 I attended a workshop with Jody in Fuerteventura.  Immediately I realized that I was in a new dimension and awareness, and I realized that it was no longer a game
but an experience that would impact me deeply …

Here, I was more in touch with my tribal self — a woman of the earth and in love with this ancient and ancestral art. I felt at home ...

The same year, as a result of a magical encounter with Francesco Pelizzari, a percussionist, inventor of new ways of playing the djembe, the djembrush, the union of the djembe and the jazz brush.  I was with Francesco in Bali and one night talking, there was the idea of combining the massage to this djembrush, the sound of which it seems to be the music of the sea, a perfect soundtrack for the Lomi Lomi Nui. I asked Jody if I could start a project of Lomi Lomi Nui with live music, and discovered that in ancient times the massage was accompanied by live music (chant and drumming).  And so began a path of inner growth through this magic touch of art along with the music.

I have deep gratitude for life, which makes me meet every day wonderful souls with which to create value .....The value of simplicity, which deeply shows the origin, being linked to mother earth, with the union of the masculine and feminine.

My life is coming back to the memory, the memory of the soul.  Mahalo

—Alessandra Buono, Italy (Massage Therapist & Designer)