A Drum Beating Freedom

The compelling mass consciousness movement, initiated by the Aboriginal Peoples of Canada has grabbed me by the Soul.  'Idle No More' began as a protest of Native Treaty Rights with the government of Canada.  It has grown into a full-blown uprising of Native People around the world, environmental activists and individuals standing in solidarity.  To me, this movement stands for Paradigm Change on many levels. It is a Petition for Indigenous People to be fully recognized by the government of Canada.  And  it is a calling from our Indigenous brothers and sisters to each of us, to remember what is important. They, who live with the land, with the memory of unity in their blood, are calling us to come back into alignment with our Humanity.  They are asking us to move past our conditioning and social mores, and settle into a deeper knowing of who we are.  And, to act according to this knowing.  For many of us, the priorities in Life so far, may have been taken up with going to school, learning a trade, getting a degree and working to earn a living. We may keep working to maintain the staus quo, make improvements, and 'succeed' in life.   Idle No More has shattered the mainstream perception of life, reminding us that we and the Earth are one Being, bringing us sharply into focus for the work ahead.  For the first time in a long while, the voices of the World's Indigenous Peoples are rising, and being heard.  If we are able to listen with our 'whole selves' we begin to feel the resonance, and the truth of this movement.  It is a cry to each of us to come back to our true nature, to remember what feeds us, nurtures us, bathes us.  We are being asked to remember our Mother, on whose soil we live out our days.  How could anything else have greater priority?  Idle No More brings us face to face with the Indigenous World View — something the western mind has termed "primitive".  Aboriginal People close to their traditions, hold wisdom more powerful than our greatest inventions.  Knowing themselves as Nature, they have access to the infinite, unified field.  Their message to all, is that we, too, can live this way.  For the West, it is a new Paradigm.  For Native People, it is the Wisdom of the Ancients.  It is time for us to drop out of western mind perception, and become humbled in the presence of our Aboriginal brothers and sisters.  Their voice is the voice of the Heart.  It is the sound of Humanity's true recognition, and it is the song that will sing us Home.

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