Winter Solstice, 2012


On Maui, we were experiencing a few days of wind and rain storms.  December 21st, however dawned with clear and beautiful skies.  I got up around 5a.m. to see a pale blue sky with puffs of bright pink clouds, lit by the soon-to-be-rising Sun.  It was one of those days you could feel the 'intelligence' in everything — the wind seemed to be imparting ongoing wisdom with every breath and shudder of the bamboo, and light particles seemed to permeate each molecule of air.  I paused to greet the day, marveling at its clarity.  I could barely believe we had reached this moment in time:  the end of the Mayan Calendar, and the great alignment of 3 suns, and many significant planets, with the Earth.  

About an hour before sunset, a few of us gathered at the fishpond in Kihei - at the Marine Sanctuary for Humpback Whales.  There were a few workers in the park, relaxing on the picnic benches, and no one but us on the beach.  The ocean was calm and the wind was mild.  Three of us started to 'fly' - rhythmically moving in the motion of the Infinite - and one by one, more gathered and joined in the flight, some for the first time.  Flying on the sand made us aware of our foundation, the undulating ground, and increased our ability to pay attention to how we meet the unexpected, how we insist on our way, or yield to what is.  It is a practice of 'changing in flight' and accessing the 'ground' of our being.  We flew for about an hour, attentive to the setting sun, changing winds, colors, feelings, and sensations.  It was an opportunity to let go of what we think is here, and be with what is. 

Near the beginning of our flight, a Kupuna and her husband came onto the beach, and settled onto some beach chairs to enjoy the sunset.  Her's was a powerful presence and I remember feeling her with gratitude.   After the sun set, some of our group wanted to fly in a circle, so we gathered, circled up, and again began to fly.  After a few minutes, a woman in our group left the circle and approached the Kupuna.  She introduced herself and asked if she would like to join.  The Kupuna nodded with enthusiasm.  We invited this lovely woman into the centre of the circle.  She began to chant, speaking, crying and gesturing to the unseen that were present with us.  When we had finished, we offered our Aloha and Mahalo to this wonderful soul for joining us.  She told us:  "Those who had been away, have now returned."  "This is a new day for the children of Hawai'i", and that this was not the last we would see each other. 

The next day, my friend who had invited her to the circle, called me to let me know that this precious Auntie had never been to that beach before, but the night previous, had a dream that told her to go there, and there would be a group of women........Sometimes you don't know why you are where you are, but there is always a greater plan.

  We were blessed to participate in this spectacular alignment of Suns, this open doorway, and transmission of New Light.   Mahalo to our Ancestors, Kahuna and Kupuna in Light.  Mahalo to our Lineage of Light.