Body of Light

Will someday split you open
Even if your life is now a cage...
Love will bust you wide open
Into an unfettered blooming new galaxy...
......A life-giving radiance will come...
From a sacred crevice
in your body
A bow rises each night
And shoots your soul into God...
- Hafiz

This beautiful, arresting poem by Hafiz, speaks to me about the dynamics of Transformation. It is this life-changing process that is inherent in the Wisdom Teachings of the ancient Hawaiians.

What we speak of today as 'Spiritual Light' and 'Divine Love', was known to the Ancients through the miracle of the body. Their inner and outer harmony with all that surrounded them, allowed them to access the Light that lives within our cells. Today, science has measured at least an aspect of this light as 'biophotons' — packets of electromagnetic frequencies emitted by each cell. Divine Love was perceived in the Spirit of Aloha — in one definition: the pure acceptance of all that is within us, and compassion for all that exists.

The deepening awareness of this Light and the movement towards Self-Acceptance and Total Compassion, is a process which leads us to come face to face with every resistance we have either learned or constructed. As we open ourselves to all of who we are, we expand the connection to the Spirit that lives within and become our own vehicle for transformation. Resistance, patterning, trauma, imbalance and dis-ease are transformed into vibrancy — as Hafiz says: 'a life-giving radiance' — in the alchemy of this process.

The Ancient Hawaiian path is one which by-passes the mind, working directly with the Light and natural harmony of Life that lives in each of our cells. It is said that 'the body gets it first, and the mind catches up later.'

The galaxy that Hafiz speaks about is within. To the Ancients, it is the limitless Life that animates us. Our system is constantly in the movement of Union, of dynamic Balance and blossoming Harmony. We are not just minds seeking for God. We are all of it: Body, Mind, Emotions, Spirit, Hopes, Dreams, Memories, Sensations, Vibrations, Awarenesses, Fears, Regrets, Love.....all of it, in One seamless Whole. The voice of this One, from deep inside, is the bow that 'rises each night, and shoots your soul into God.'.

—by Jody Soltau Mountain.  Published: Still Mountain Retreat Guide, April 2011 © 2010 Ancient Hawaiian Bodywork