Dropping into Infinity

Lincoln meeting the sun 2016.jpg

It's time to give up all teaching, all learning, all ideas about who you are and what should be, and just meet whatever is opening in you right now.  The feeling of your feet touching the floor, the velocity of the breath entering your nostrils, the temperature in your back and shoulders......all your sensations are here, now.

The simplicity of coming back to the most fundamental common denominator of who we are as human beings, can be a doorway into the purity of this moment.  It is an invitation to listen to bits of ourselves that we may have taken for granted, and in so doing, open the floodgates of permission, for all the other unmet bits to be heard and seen. 

99% of the Life that we experience with the full spectrum of our being, is unmet.  Most of our sensations, impressions, impulses — even the complex detail of any sight our eyes take in — cannot be percieved by our conscious mind.  We are unaware of most of the experience of our lives, yet we are eager to 'make sense' of the little we perceive.  As mental creatures, we are eager to capture, define and analyze our world.

In fact, we are more than our knowledge, personality, or conscious impressions.  But the vastness that flows through us cannot be captured by our minds.  We cannot 'harness' the power of the Divine in us, as many personal empowerment practices would have us do.  We can, however, allow our Tiny Minds to be harnessed by the Divine, The Great Mystery passing through us, animating every aspect of our Life Force, down to the sub-atomic levels and beyond.

Ancient Wisdom guides us into the practice of listening, and allowing what is already here to expand.  We can spend a great deal of energy trying to shape and control our lives, or we can place our attention on opening the vaults and dungeons where we have imprisoned the parts of our being deemed 'unacceptable'.   At the same time, we engage in the powerful work of freeing our 'Perceptive Field' from social, familial, religious and cultural doctrine — the embedded judgements and assumptions with which we take in our world.  As we become more committed to this practice, we may notice that there is a part of us that remains free of programming.  Below the 'static' of all the conscious and subconscious rules and regulations we have absorbed. lies and truths, hurts and resentments, is pure Life.  The Innocent Grace of Life that remains unaltered by knowledge or belief. 

In the mystery of Paradox, this place exists in an expanse which can hold every part of our being — even those that have been locked away.  We have the possibility to move into a new Paradigm.  The One Life that we are us is not divided into 'right' and 'wrong'. 

This path has nothing to do with knowledge or conceptual theoretical Spiritual Ideals.  It has everything to do with this moment.  You. Here. Now.....accessing more and more of the Infinite Life that breathes you.