Blessing of the Honu


Today,  I got a chance to meet with Eternity.
We made it to a tiny beach early in the morning.   No one was there, and we were greeted by the sound of he waves, the myriad blue of the Pacific, and a gentle breeze.  The morning air was fresh, although it was already getting warm.

As I stepped on to the sand, making my way to a shady spot, I gasped, involuntarily.  There, to my left was huge creature of the sea, resting on the sand.  My breath knew it was there before my eyes had registered it.   A large sea turtle had made it's way to the shore.  I stopped in my tracks and knelt down a few feet away. It's presence touched some indescribably, ancient place in me.  Looking into it's eyes was like gazing into a universe — openings full of darkness, yet bursting, even glowing with Light.  I was met with pure Life, gazing back at me, from the depths of space. 

There was nothing to do but remain.  To sit in deep recognition.  I noticed that my breathing changed, and my thoughts had slowed. Nothing seemed important, because nothing else existed in that moment. I was lost in Life. Not what we normally consider to be 'life' — the running around, getting things done, working, fixing what breaks, making sure everyone else is O.K., but the Life underneath it all. The only Life that truly matters.

In this endless moment, the early morning sun touching the water, my skin, the honu's shell.....the sound of the waves, soft and strong, the gentle surging breeze filled with salt air, the feeling of soft damp grains in my feet, were all one shape / feeling / experience. Nothing could be separated,.  Everything seemed to meet in the touch of eyes. Creature to creature. Held in the expanse of Eternity.