Wisdom of the Ancients


There is a Force moving through this world, animating all of Life, giving Resonance to everything in Creation.  We are made of this Force.  It runs through our bodies and is the reason we are alive.  One might call it Spirit of Life, Creation or God.  Ancient Indigenous Peoples were in touch with this Force.  To them, the Earth and other creatures were not a distant or inferior 'Nature' (as we in the West may have learned to perceive it), but a part of their family, body, and consciousness.  Ancient Wisdom guides us through the layers of familiar, societal, cultural and religious conditioning to experience a Self which the mind cannot grasp, analyze or evaluate.  It is an ever-deepening state which guides us into the flow of alignment, healing, acceleration of our path, and into an ever-expanding field of perception.  We are brought back to our original innocence and the Great Mystery that lives beyond our conceptual mind.  We begin by awakening our deepest resonance.  Striking the highest chord at the Center of our being changes the resonant field in every cell of our bodies and reverberates throughout our lives.  This chord, however, has nothing to do with our concepts of what is good, right or holy.  We move through an experiential process, opening the subtle channels of Spirit in the body and simultaneously dismantle old belief systems and behavior patterns.  We discover what is actually true here and now.  Not what we think is true, not what we have been taught to believe, but what is.  Ancient Wisdom guides us in transforming our perceptive field so that we can access more of our whole Self to feel and experience our 'internal' and 'external' reality.  We can also mobilize more of our wholeness to navigate and to create in our lives.  Transformation occurs in subconscious, cellular and electromagnetic fields (among others), and we 'find ourselves' behaving differently.  This happens without forethought or logic.  The mind, I have found, catches up later to this new-found harmony of being.   I had studied Lomi Lomi with other teachers before studying under Kahu.  In his presence, everything else fell away, as I felt my whole being guided to a deeper, higher and more expanded Source inside of me.  I experienced the Grace inside each cell rising in the light of recognition.  It is this Grace that meets each moment, each body, each thought, emotion, person, action, and circumstance.......if I let it.   So, in it's essence, this work shines a brilliant Light on the origin point of our manifestation in this Life.  It is huge — far more than bodywork, and more vast than a cultural tradition.   It is a gateway to discovering more and more of the vast unknown of 'who we are'.  It is a priceless Opening to the Divine, right here and now.  It is constantly humbling, constantly exciting and new in each moment.   When I think back to the fear and lack that might have stopped me from first approaching the Kahuna for training, I shudder.  I am endlessly grateful to my teacher, and to this infinite Grace that moves through us all.   Aloha Nui Loa!