The Heart of Living

Have you ever felt that there is something stirring under the surface of your life - that there may be something more to life than the job, the relationship, or hanging out with friends? If so, it's quite likely that this elusive stirring is the Life inside of you, waiting to be lived. We all come into this existence with a unique combination of gifts. And our purpose, according to some, is to allow them to grow. When these gifts are submerged, blocked, or unrecognized, something inside of us becomes unsettled.

Even though we may 'have it all,' we develop a feeling that something is missing from our lives. What may be missing is 'you,' living the life you were meant to live, on a path fueled by your own unique gifts. The opening, development and sharing of our gifts causes us to wake with excitement, alive with eagerness, passion and wonder at what this day will bring. Our innate gifts are part of the foundation of our expression in this life, what we came here to offer. Without our foundation, life becomes insubstantial and at worst, meaningless.

Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom offers us the tools to break through the status-quo and discover who we truly are underneath all the conditioning, patterning, trauma and programming. Shedding these allows us to be in touch with the essence of Life flowing through us, and uncover our innate gifts.

Discovering and exploring our gifts not only benefits us, but has a profound effect on our families, communities and world. In this time of pivotal change, we are each called upon to bring the fullness of Life inside of us into being. Our gifts from God / the Universe / All That Is, become our gifts to each other, the planet, and to humanity. This is truly a life worth living.

—by Jody Soltau Mountain.  Published:  Maui Vision Magazine 05/11, © 2011 Ancient Hawaiian Bodywork