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The ancient Hawaiians believed that the most profound truths of our being were found deep within the cells of our body. Much more than a 'machine' requiring the right food, rest and exercise, the body, according to Ancient Wisdom, is a living, breathing, light-filled intelligence far beyond the conscious mind. These teachings will give us ways to access this wisdom - energetically and physically opening the pathways from the profound intelligence of the body, to the mind.


Please Note: This is not a 'standard' massage training, and can involve deep personal work. Ancient Lomi Lomi involves the entire Physical, Mental, Emotional, Spiritual and Perceptive System, bringing us back to Indigenous Mind. Ancient Lomi Lomi will not add to previous Lomi Lomi Training, but will provide a new foundation from which to work.


What You Can Expect on Lineage of Light retreats

On our retreats you will learn the Ancient Wisdom spiritual teachings which reset the foundations of our Presence. The heart of this tradition generates profound levels of healing and awakening of the body mind and spirit.  If offers us life-altering perspectives from which to navigate our world, and introduces a rare form of sacred massage: Ancient Lomi Lomi (also called 'Kahuna Bodywork' or 'Ke Ala Hoku' — Pathway to the Stars.)

The way of being most of us have been taught in modern Western culture privileges the conceptualized knowing of the mind over the innate wisdom of the body.  On our retreats you will experience a profound shift in perspective that will bring you into deeper contact with Life and awaken a Source of Intelligence that emerges naturally from your embodied experience.

You will go through a series of exercises and practices designed to gently shift your awareness and deepen your sensitivities. You will also learn a movement practice of sacred dance that will integrate this new sensitivity into your being and awareness.

This deeply embodied awareness will allow you to learn and practice the sacred massage form of Ancient Lomi Lomi, and experience first hand the healing and awakening that it brings in all aspects of Life.


Who should attend these retreats?

Those seeking:
• Greater Health & Vitality
• A deeper relationship with Life ~ To Find their True Calling
• An embodied Spiritual Path ~ To 'walk' my 'talk'
• Access to Ancient Indigenous Wisdom in your cells
• To Truly and deeply release old, limiting ways of being
• A 'Reset' of the relationship with your body / mind
• New vistas of possibility in all aspects of Life


What you will need



Retreat Settings


Each Retreat Centre is chosen specifically to enhance the work.  You will experience:

Comfortable Sleeping Arrangements
Private Workshop and Living Areas
Locally Grown, Organic & Delicious Meals
prepared by a Master Chef
The pure Resonance of the Land
Generosity of Being
Supportive & Respectful Staff




Typical Daily Schedules

Retreat Schedules are changeable depending on the needs of the group.  In general, we begin each day with the practice of Ho'omanamana — a gentle form of Ancient 'Yoga' to meet aspects of our body consciousness which may have been ignored.  A loose idea of a possible daily retreat schedule is shown here.

Training on the Cliffs of Moher, Co. Claire, Ireland

Training on the Cliffs of Moher, Co. Claire, Ireland

  • Ho'omanamana

  • Integration Practices

  • Breakfast

  • Movement Meditations

  • Embodiment Practices / Bodywork

  • Lunch

  • Integration Practices / Bodywork

  • Alignment Practices / Bodywork

  • Dinner

  • Hawaiian Geomancy

  • Core & Cellular Healing • Ho'oponopono



training progression


 • For New Participants  —  Initial 6 to 10-Day Retreat Trainings

• 2-Week Immersion  —  Prerequisite:  Minimum of 1 Initial training

• 30-Day Apprenticeship  —  Prerequisite:  Minimum 3 Previous Trainings

• 90 day Convergence  —  Prerequisite:  minimum 4 Previous Trainings


Home study


• 6- month Ancient Lomi Lomi Deep Study program —  Prerequisite:  minimum 4 Previous Trainings


Email us for more info at:  ancientlomilomi@gmail.com



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