The Body Consciousness Training
With Jody Mountain

Week 9



Welcome to an Integrative Experience of The Body Consciousness Training.  Below is a video which will give you an opportunity to move with all the aspects we have been opening to.  It will give you an opportunity to move as the One Being that you are.  So Today, be prepared to explore a simple yet powerful movement practice, followed by Jody's concluding message on The Body Consciousness.

today you will need:

• Uninterrupted time for a 13 minute Guided Movement Experience & closing thoughts
• Clothes that you are able to move comfortably in
• Space that can comfortably accommodate spreading of the arms and wide open legs

Mahalo Nui Loa for your Attention to Life!


Further Studies
with Jody Mountain & Lineage of Light:

• International Retreats & Trainings

• 2018 Online Training:  Moving with The Body Consciousness

• Skype Sessions of Core & Cellular Healing  — a modern form of Ancient Hawaiian Ho'oponopono


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