The Body Consciousness Training
with Jody Mountain

Week 6

"Each of us is a Seed, a silent Promise, and it is always Spring..."

—Merle Sharini


As you open to different sights, sounds, sensations and experiences, you may notice responses emotionally as well.  You may feel more sensitive, more open, frustrated or even in a kind of limbo — an unknowing state — as beliefs and behaviors that you had identified with may be falling away.  Wherever you are, I encourage you to simply be in that experience.  If you don't notice many changes, I encourage you to persevere, to keep listening and being as open as you can.  The perceptions that we are addressing are deeply embedded belief systems.  It sometimes takes some time to dislodge the dominance of our learned perceptions, our identity &  past 'knowledge', and come closer to what is actually true right now.

Ancient Wisdom tells us that we are members of many Family groups:  Humanity, Life, Creation / our fellow Creatures / The Stars.  Also inside of us, each thought, emotion, sensation, memory, hope and dream is a member of our Family.  Today, we will visit the family of our internal emotions, and recover our deep relationship with these members of our Family.

today you will need:

• Ample time for a 30 minute Audio Teaching
• A undisturbed place to offer your full attention
° Journal

Assignment for the next week:

• The Audio will provide 'homework' of practicing a new navigation.
• Record your observations in your journal

Condensed Notes on Navigating our inner 'Ohana:

1. Identify 'what I'm actually feeling right now'
2 Feel into any 'dimensions' of that emotion - i.e. under anger may be sadness
3. Listen to those emotions as if they were a person / a child. Give them some uninterrupted time and space to express themselves.
4. Acknowledge these emotions as yours (rather than blaming another)
5. Become aware of who is listening

6. Notice how you feel in your body once that emotion (Family Member) has expressed itself. What has changed, if anything, in your inner andouter perceptions?

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