The Body Consciousness Training
With Jody Mountain

Week 4

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"I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

—John O'Donohue


As we move into a deeper listening to the body, we will be starting to touch our pure Life Force.  We come into a new relationship with our Cellular Consciousness.  When we recognize that this Life which animates us is Alive, it begins to respond, and we come into a potent and enlivened relationship with the Life Force itself.  The challenge can be to allow yourself to feel what you feel without analysis or judgement. Let yourself simply be as you are. Underneath the haze of our programming, expectations and assumptions, a pure, vital part of your existence is waiting to be met.  There is nothing you need to achieve, understand or 'get'.  It is time to unlearn.  Allow your perspective to change by experiencing what is here, now in every cell.

In this installment, we will attend to the way we Move through our lives.

today you will need:

• Ample time for a 20 minute Guided Audio Experience
• A undisturbed place to lie or sit comfortably
° Journal

Assignment for the next week:

• The Audio will provide 'homework' of shifting your attention throughout your day.
• Record your observations in your journal


To Repeat the Guided Experience, Begin Audio at 2:00

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