The Body Consciousness Training
With Jody Mountain

Week 3


"Life is either a Great Adventure, or nothing"

—Helen Keller


In our modern culture it seems that we are fascinated by exploration to the bottom of the ocean or into deep space.  We are eager to learn about the natural world.  We sometimes forget that we are also made of pure nature — pure Life.  What we have been taught, and what we have so far experienced, we assume to be the only reality.  As we approach elements of our perception which are as familiar to us as the back of our hands, let all that you already know and understand drop to the background......and see what else is here.  Discovery is the doorway to Adventure!

The audio experience today may offer new ways to open to listening.   Enjoy!

Today you will need:

• Ample time for a 30 minute Audio Teaching & Guided Experience
• A undisturbed place to lie or sit comfortably
° Journal

Assignment for the next week:

•  General attention to new avenues of listening
•  Repeat the Guided Experience / Meditation 2-3 times this week
•  Record observations / experiences in your journal

To Repeat the Guided Experience, Begin Audio at 6:35

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