Making Peace With The Unknown

It's quite possible that I have a special relationship with clouds.  I remember being in the midst of commuter trance in downtown Toronto in the middle of the day.  For some reason, I glanced up, and in the sky, randomly blocked by skyscrapers, were slow moving, white, fluffy clouds.  I moved next to a building to avoid being run over by pedestrians in mid-frenzy, and stopped.  I couldn't stop staring at the sky.  I was stunned, feeling like I had slipped into another world.  I remember thinking that regardless of the rushing masses, skyscrapers, droves of people busy with busyness and commuter traffic, that this slow, 'insignificant' movement was what was really going on.  I don't know where I was going, or if I was now late.  I didn't care.  I was stuck and indelibly struck by the intelligence of this movement.  I don't know how long I stayed there, but I can be sure that when I finally moved, my awareness, breath, pace and priorities were different. 

Today, over 30 years later, I find myself immersed in a work that continuously brings me back to what is true....what is really going on....the movement of Nature within and without.  Something inside me was calling that day, to be recognized and honored.  I was lucky enough to listen  — to quiet the daily thoughts, emotions and agenda for long enough to realize that the vastness of all of Life remains, no matter what our individual drama or perspective.   Notice that each day, whether our relationship is ending, a loved one has died, or we are buried in painful trauma, the sun never fails to rise and set.  If we choose to pay attention, we are not only surrounded by the natural world, but we embody it.  Each of us is the emanation of an ancient wisdom that is beyond imagination or classification.  The synergy, harmony and expansiveness of Nature lives in our every breath.  Despite our social and cultural programming, we are not (mostly) our agenda, our lists, priorities, beliefs or demands.  We are simply here now, the vast majority of our being comprised of energy, vibration, space and cellular processes.  Can we refine our listening to hear more of what is true and less of what is imagined, desired or projected?  The mind always wants to know, but what if we choose to attune ourselves to the unknowable? We live in a current world of radical upheaval on many levels.  The truth is that many things we easily took for granted 20 years ago are now in a state of flux.   The weather is fluctuating wildly in many areas of the earth, political agendas seem to have come into serious question, our food sources have been compromised and, depending on where we live, we remain either under the threat, or in the reality, of war.  If we want to thrive in this environment, it seems we will have to become attuned to 'the unknowable'.  As less and less is 'predictable' in our world, perhaps we are coming out of the illusion that anything was ever secure.  In big, bold letters, 'Uncertainty' has taken center stage. 

So how do we navigate this?  What is it to be in harmony with the unknown?   For me, it begins with welcoming, rather than trying to avoid or control it.  We can actually turn uncertainty into discovery.  If we can bring more and more of our attention, energy, breath, awareness and willingness to this moment, our world will expand.  This requires a willingness to see, as much as possible without the filter of the past.  If we can experience what is truly here now, without our preconceived notions, our vision begins to change, and what was unseen, becomes evident.  Each moment becomes an adventure of discovery.  Even in the most difficult of times, we can come back to the eyes of a child, where everything is new and filled with wonder.  So the next time you're able, just stop in your tracks, notice what is true, vs. what you have assumed to be true.  Notice your breath, and the air on your skin.  Remember that this very moment has never occurred before.  It is brand new!  Notice that you are smack in the middle of the unknown itself, even in the midst of all you may have previously taken for granted.....and see if you can feel the motion of Life Itself unfolding in you and in everything around you.  Every blessing on this infinite journey!