Accredited Practitioners worldwide

The Practitioners below have gone through an intensive training process which has refined their ability to transmit this sacred work.  I recommend them highly for an authentic experience of Ancient Lomi Lomi / Lomi Ke Ala Hoku.  Practitioners are assessed every two years to maintain their level of expertise.



Grace O'Riordan, LMT

Cork City • Clonakilty • West Cork

Grace O'Riordan,  Maui Bamboo Forest, Haleakala National Park, West Cork Ukulele Orchestra

Grace has been a dedicated student and practitioner of Kahuna Bodywork, beginning her training in 2009.  She has been an enthusiastic supporter and Organizer of the work in Ireland and has deepened her understanding and practice of the work through over 13 trainings, including one in Molokai, Hawai'i.  Grace offers 1 or 1.5 hours transformational sessions of 'Body Therapy' using principles of the work combined with her deeply intuitive gifts, as well as Sacred Sessions of Ancient Lomi Lomi ((2.5 hrs).



Phone:  00353 (0)87 783 3793


Santhe Tanner, LMT


Santhe has been practicing and studying Ancient Lomi Lomi since 2009.  She has attended numerous trainings in Ireland and inhabits profound layers of the work in her sessions.  Santhe has assisted in Ireland Trainings for the past 4 years and continues to deepen her practice each year..  Santhe offers sessions of Therapeutic Bodywork as well as Sacred Sessions of Ancient Lomi Lomi.  Santhe's practice is located in the new Bantry Holistic Centre, offering as 'Hani Treatments'.

Phone:  00353 (0)86 052 6211

IRELAND / International

Eva Lennox, LMT

Dublin • Crete

Phone:  +353876807457 


Since 214, Eva has completed over 10 Trainings, including 2 Immersions and an Apprenticeship, and is an Accredited Practitioner of Ancient Lomi Lomi.  Eva has taken 3 extended trips to Hawai'i to deepen her understanding and experience of this work, and held the role of Organizer on Retreats in Ireland and Maui.

Eva discovered the healing art of Lomi Lomi while working as a Massage Therapist in 2011.  Immediately transfixed by the energy and deeply spiritual aspect of the work, she began training as a Practitioner.  In her search for a deeper experience of the work, she found Lineage of Light Training with Jody Mountain.

Eva offers 2.5 hour sessions of Ancient Lomi Lomi as well as 1.5 hour Therapeutic Lomi Lomi Massage, and continues to support the work of Jody and Lineage Of Light.

When I began studying and practicing Lomi Lomi I was blown away, and through this work I have found something that connects me to the depth of my Being.


united states / International

Gabriel Gargari

Seattle • USA • Europe • Asia

A classically-trained operatic tenor, Gabriel discovered Ancient Lomi Lomi "by accident' in 2013, in Ibiza.  Feeling more and more taken with the work, Gabriel immersed himself in this Lineage taking part in a total of four 6-day retreats, three 7-day retreats, one 10-day retreat, three 14-day immersions, a 30-day apprenticeship, and a 6-month deep study in the craft of Ancient Lomi Lomi. He has assisted Jody Mountain in 2016 & 2017 in Maui, and 2017 & 2018 in Switzerland. This is the only form of bodywork that Gabriel has studied. 

He has created his own business called KAONA Holistic Massages and offers 2-6 hour fixed-time and open-ended sessions. Gabriel lives in Seattle, WA and is available to travel around the world to share this ancient form of bodywork.  He added his love for Ancient Lomi Lomi/ Ke Ala Hoku bodywork to his life, and feels that it has truly transformed for him as a person and an artist.  Gabriel is available to offer Sacred sessions to enhance any Residential Workshop or Retreat. Please be in touch at the contacts below to book.



IPHONE, WHATSAPP, SMS:  +1.206.510.6334

united kingdom / International

Venetia Clarke, LMT

London • Europe • usa • Asia • central / south america

Venetia first discovered Lomi Lomi during studies for her massage qualification.  She was captivated, as the sacredness of the work resonated deeply., and immediately knew she wanted to train in this work. After trying a few taster courses she found Lineage of Light and took her first training in Ancient Lomi Lomi with Jody Mountain in 2014. Since then Venetia has attended 3 retreats in Ireland as well as the intensive 30 Day Apprenticeship Training in Maui, Hawai'i in 2016, where she also earned her Accreditation.  Since then, she has begun to train as an Assistant to Lineage of Light Retreats.

Venetia is certified in other healing practices such as Therapeutic Auyrvedic Massage,  Chi Nei Tsang, and Reiki. Her specialty has become Sacred Sessions of Ancient Lomi Lomi offered in 90 minute,  2 hour & 3 hour increments. Venetia is available to combine her love of travel and Ancient Lomi Lomi to offer individual sessions and/or accompany retreats throughout the UK, Europe and internationally.. If you would like to include Ancient Lomi Lomi to enhance your Residential Workshop or Retreat, please be in touch at the contacts below. 

phone: 00 44 (0) 7950 576 578

United States / International

Zen 'Kekoa' Powers, LMT

Maui • Colorado

Cover Photo

Kekoa began his study of Ke Ala Hōkū in 2012 when he attended a 6-Day residential training on his home island of Maui. In that short time a lot began to change for him; from how he navigates his inner realities to the way he relates with the external world.

Left with a strong desire to continue learning in this lineage of body work, he decided to attend  the  next possible retreat he could. At the time of his second training, about a year later, Kekoa took on an assistant roll and afterwards became the Maui Retreat Organizer. He went on to organize three more 6-day Retreats, two 14-day Immersions and a 30-day Apprenticeship within the following two years. In that time of studying and organizing he realized that in order to further his passion for massage he would have to become a Licensed Therapist. He began a 7 month full time program at the Maui School of Therapeutic Massage in March of 2016, by the end of the same year he had successfully completed the course and passed the
Hawai’i Board Exam. Kekoa has been practicing Therapeutic Massage and Therapeutic Lomi Lomi from his home studio ever since and recently became an accredited practitioner of Ancient Lomi Lomi.!

Kekoa offers 1-2 hour Therapeutic sessions and 2-3 hour Ancient Lomi Lomi Sessions. If you would like to book a private session or include Ancient Lomi Lomi to enhance your Workshop or Retreat, please be in touch through the contacts below.

PHONE: 1-(808)-463-4116