The Body Consciousness Training
with Jody Mountain

Week 7

"...Finally, you understand yourself to be the walking, breathing Truth..."

—Kahu Abraham Kawai'i


The Ancients believed that everything is connected with everything else.  As much as we tend to make separate distinctions in our reality, the truth is that everything is deeply interrelated.  It is the same inside of our bodies:  We are simply One Being:  mind, body, emotions, spirit, all in the same place. 

The Ancients knew this from being present to what IS.  Today, it seems, we tend to be more present to what we already know and believe. This does not always correlate with 'What Is'!  This creates conflict in our essential being. This work is a pathway to the harmony of alignment with Life.

Modern Science has proven that what we think and feel are inseparable from the chemical processes inside of our body and brain, that our outlook on life can be deeply affected by the food we eat, and that how much we move our bodies has a direct link to mood.

This week, we will approach Sensation - the conduit through which we tangibly feel ourselves from the inside, and the world from the outside. Be open to what may arise in all aspects of yourself through this experience.

today you will need:

• Ample time for a 30 minute audio experience
• A undisturbed place to lie or sit comfortably
°  A Journal

Assignment for the next week:

• The Audio will provide 'homework' of shifting your attention, each time you remember, throughout your day.
• Record your observations in your journal

To Repeat the Guided Experience, Begin Audio at 6:30

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