The Body Consciousness Training
With Jody Mountain

Week 5



"...One of the key Principles in this work is Rhythm.  Knowing the Rhythm of oneself, knowing the Rhythm of Nature, knowing the Rhythm of the Universe..."

—Kahu Abraham Kawai'i


This week, we will look with new eyes, at our relationship with Nature.  We, as humans are manifestations of Nature itself.  The Life that moves through us, is the same Mystical Force that moves through all of Life.  On a physical level, we are actually inseparable from the Earth, Air, Water, our fellow creatures and even the Stars.  As we recognize this foundational fact, we come into a deeper and deeper relationship with The Great Mystery which animates us. I would suggest that we love and are inspired by the beauty in our Natural Environment, because something in us recognizes this Mystery.  The resonance of Nature, touches this same resonance in our own being.  

This weeks teaching will arise from your attention to the various avenues of listening you have been cultivating, within a 'Natural Environment'.  I will ask you to plan at least one, if not a few adventures into Nature.  Be particularly attentive to receiving the responses from your Body Consciousness. This means being attentive to any changes in breath, sensation, emotion, image, sound, color, rhythm of moving, etc.  Really allow yourself to feel what is true in the moment — as much as possible, without interpretation.  This is be an opportunity to meet a wider spectrum of the Nature that lives both inside and outside of your self.

today you will need:

• Ample time for a 14 minute Audio Teaching
• Your Daytimer to schedule between 1 and 3 adventures this week ~ minimum 1/2 hour each undisturbed time in Nature.

Optional Resource:

'You Are The Pathway Home'

Assignments for the next week:

• Bringing your 'refined attention' to each Adventure.
• Afterwards, record any observations of your Perceptive Field in your Journal.

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