The foundation of 'Embodying Light' Workshops is the result of intense study and relationship with the Mystical Teachings of Ancient Hawai'i and the High Sacred Transmissions of Core & Cellular Healing, with it's roots in Ancient Celtic Mysticism. 

Embodying Light is an opportunity to come back to our Natural, Divine origins, right here and now.   This work brings us back to 'Indigenous Mind' — a state of being where we know ourselves to be in intricate synergy with all that exists.  This work opens a doorway of perception that we have lost in this modern world, with all of our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual 'buffers' between us and the Divine Presence we embody right here and now. 

This experiential work is the art of Presence in Motion. Based on ancient, universal principles, the work calls us first to redefine who we perceive ourselves to be, and therefore our relationship to everything that exists. Training in this sacred form allows for renewed alignment on all levels of being.  Through ancient embodiment practices understanding is embraced first by the body, and later by the mind.  As we experience old concepts about ourselves dissolve, the ground of our Being emerges, creating a strong foundation from which to move forward - suddenly we are our own vehicle for Transformation.

This training will access the body's innate intelligence in it's pure form to inspire a release of resistance and awaken connectedness, knowing and harmony - the ability to allow Life Itself to guide us in each moment.

Lomi Lomi Nui — Ancient Hawaiian Bodywork, is one of the tools incorporated into the work.  Although no experience in massage is necessary to attend trainings, many massage therapists find their work greatly enhanced by their experience with Lomi Lomi Nui. 

Please Note: Trainings are for anyone interested in profound and lasting Personal & Spiritual Growth,including Massage Therapists, Yoga Practitioners, Teachers and Healers. No massage experience is necessary.