The Body Consciousness Training
with Jody Mountain

Week 2

"Not only is another world possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing."


—Arundhati Roy


Today we will explore our most immediate connection with Life — The Breath.  What you will participate in today will not fall under the category of 'Breathwork' or 'Breathing Exercises'.  You will again be guided into a deep listening of the Life that already and effortlessly exists in each Breath.

This is a discovery that may feel quite different, each time you approach it.  Remember that these experiences are not goal-oriented, but are simply an avenue of discovery.  We are here to listen, instead of direct or impose an agenda.  At times your experience may be tremendously subtle, and at other times, more pronounced.  Do your best to inhabit your experience, rather than 'watch' it.

This work is designed to bring us back to the spark of Life which moves in us, in all ways, through the medium of the body. This essential Life Force is waiting to be met!

Today you will need:

• Ample time for a 30 minute Audio Teaching & Guided Experience
• A undisturbed place to lie or sit comfortably
°  A Journal

Daily Assignment for the next week:

• 10 minutes daily practice
• Record your observations in your journal

To Repeat the Guided Experience, Begin Audio at 4:24

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