The Body Consciousness Training
With Jody Mountain

Week 1

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"....Ultimately, whatever we experience is a result of the quality of our attention."


—Deepak Chopra

Aloha & Welcome!

This Training is a doorway into the Consciousness of the Body, and will assist in refining your attention and guide you into spaces of deep listening.  We will be meeting this very same body that we likely feel we know very well.  This work explores the possibility that there is more here than we have been taught or have experienced.  It is a journey into the unknown.  Each week will invite you to explore new relationships with your 'Perceptive Field' — the ways you currently perceive your body and the world. The Body Consciousness Training is a gentle opening to an ancient Paradigm of Perception that is in alignment with the Pure Life that you are. 

After reading the brief instructions, the journey for today can be found by clicking 'Play' on the Audio File below.  Enjoy!

Today you will need:

• Ample time for a 30 minute Audio Teaching & Guided Experience
• A undisturbed place to lie or sit comfortably
° A Journal —  A dedicated Body Consciousness Journal would be great!


Daily Assignment for the next week:

• 5-10 minutes daily practice
• Record observations in your journal

To Repeat the Guided Experience, Begin Audio at 13:47

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