Below are Inspirational Books, Audio Talks, and Geomancy tools
to contribute to your well-being on all levels!  Enjoy!




A brief but fascinating look into the life of a true Kahuna Nui of Hawai'i.  I hope you enjoy this beautiful book by Kahu's wife, as she knew him!


An absolutely inspirational book of Ancient Celtic Knowing as beautifully translated by John O'Donohue.  Anam Cara brings us on a journey through the layers of isolating modern thought, to a deep, rich and almost tactile experience of ourselves as truly human — inseparable from the land, the light, and the motion that is inside of us, and all around us.

Anam Cara touches the Spirit of the Ancient Celts. It, in so many ways, reminds me of the Ancient Hawaiian Wisdom that came through my teacher.

This is a must-read for any student of the work, and of Life.


Hawaiian Geomancy

as all wisdom in the culture, was passed down through oral or visceral transmission, so there is no book I know of on the subject. Indian Vastu, the mother of Feng Shui, contains many similar foundational principles. I have gotten many insights into aspects of Hawaiian Geomancy through my investigation of Vastu.

Enjoy simple and powerful guidelines of alignment, placement, space, color and beauty to bring more joy, energy and health to your home or office.







Massage Supplies


Additional Sources for Table Protectors:

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Geomancy Tools

Koshi Chimes


can be used in any area, and will have the effect of stimulating stagnant energy as well as softening an overabundance of energy. These Koshi Chimes provide a soothing, multi-faceted sound.  They come in various tones: Water (Aqua), Earth (Terra), Air (Aria) and Fire (Ignis). These are the most beautiful and pure vibrational chimes I have found to enhance any home or office space.


The color Gold

can enhance your Abundance Quadrant. As well as filling it with images of abundance, the open bowl is an invitation to be filled.



One small or a string of multiple bells hanging on your front door will calm unconscious fears.  While you may stop hearing it after a time, your subconsious mind knows that you cannot be startled by a surprise visitor!