Lineage of Light Online School

Lineage of Light Online School provides an opportunity to participate in online Courses which offer explorations into this Ancient Wisdom path. There are a number of ‘Videos to Inspire’ as well as ‘Transformational Tools’ which I found to be in resonance with this work.

There is also a Students Portal which contains ongoing support and exploration for those who have already attended a live Retreat with Jody & Lineage of Light.

Online offerings, are, of course, not a substitute for a live experience in our Healing Retreats, however, they can offer a doorway into deeper aspects of yourself as an embodied Spirit!

Current Online Courses

A Different Way of Being in the World
With Jody Mountain & Jeff Carreira

This is a Dialogue Series Between Jody Mountain and Meditation Teacher, Jeff Carreira. Jeff, a student of the work and an Author Mystical Philosopher, Spritual Mentor and Artist.

The Body Consciousness Training
with Jody Mountain

The Body Consciousness Training is a program which brings us into contact with the Ancient Wisdom in our bodies, showing us that every aspect of ourselves is Alive. Click the title link above for Details!