Switzerland•  June 25-July 1, 2018

Ancient Lomi Lomi Retreat training
embodying ancient wisdom

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Join us in the pure light of Switzerland for a 7-Day Ancient Wisdom Healing Retreat.   This is an opportunity to come back to our Indigenous Harmony and embrace our (forgotten) Natural State of Being. Learn Ancient embodiment tools to approach life with all of who we are, and express our gifts fully, living a life of expanding freedom, passion and compelling purpose.   We will apply this foundation of renewed consciousness to the practice of Ancient Lomi Lomi — Hawaiian Bodywork.  No massage experience is necessary.  Click this link for more info:  Ancient Lomi Lomi Switzerland

Dates: Monday, June 25, 14:00 Sunday, July 1, 16:00
Times:  Full Days (pre-breakfast sessions and often post-dinner sessions)

Location:  Kientalerhof Holidtic Healing Centre, Kiental Valley, Switzerland

Investment:  (Tuition & Retreat Supplies)
CHF 1095.00
Please visit Kientalerhof's Registration Page for Full Details

Please be prepared to be completely off of phone and internet
For the duration of the Retreat!

For further Information, please Contact Switzerland Organizer:

Lina Sjodin (English / German / Swedish)
Email: SwitzerlandLomi@gmail.com
Phone:  +41 79 33 0000 5

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We have come
With words yet untold,
And with faces full of mercy for people.
We have sensed the yearning of hearts,
And we have come with tongues that transcend any tongue.

We have come,
Taking the sky above us as our home,
And all people as our family,
And we have adopted colorlessness as our color.
We have taken the seventy two nations as our siblings.

We have come.
Others came and left
They lived, died, and disappeared.
We have been born, never to die,
And we have come, never to leave.

We have come,
In order to pour everywhere like the rain,
To enter every house like the sun,
And to touch our face to people, like the earth.
In short, to love and be loved,
We have come