Sacred site tour • Ireland*
June 17 — 21, 2018

Join us for sacred adventure into the mountains, rivers, valleys and oceans of Ireland. Making our way through this mystical countryside we will enjoy integration time in this deep work to explore Ancient Sacred sites & Irish landscapes, with a renewed sense of communion with our own inner landscape.  Moving forward with new openings in our resonance and perception, this will be 3 very special days spent navigating the world with our new state of being,

Arising at the end of the 2-Week Immersion this year, The Sacred Site Tour creates a transition space. 
It provides a way to come gradually back to daily life.

Contact Organizer Caragh Munn to Register for this Special Event!
Phone: (via WhatsApp or Text)   +353-87-2406867

Investment:  To be announced
includes: 4 nights Accommodation, Transportation, Tour
& Integration Practices

*This event is open to CURRENT AND PREVIOUS workshop PARTICIPANTS only