POLAND • JUNE 24-30, 2019

Acient Lomi Lomi training Retreat

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What you need to know:

Join us for our first Retreat in Poland — a 7-Day Training in Ancient Lomi Lomi . This rare teaching brings us into the world of Ke Ala Hoku — Pathway to the Stars. It’s opening offers us an Ancient and Revolutionary connection with our bodies, our mental/emotional perceptions and our resonance with the Stars. This training gives us the opportunity to accelerate our depth of self-knowing, evolution and expansion. A perfect Retreat for anyone wanting rapid and profound personal and spiritual growth. No massage experience is necessary.

About this Training

This Retreat will offer you an experiential discovery of the Ancient Wisdom awake inside your own cells.

The way of being most of us have been taught in modern Western culture privileges the conceptualized knowing of the mind over the innate wisdom of the body.  On our retreats you will experience a profound shift in perspective that will bring you into deeper contact with Life and awaken a Source of Intelligence that emerges naturally from our embodied experience.

You will go through a series of exercises and practices designed to gently shift awareness and deepen sensitivities.
The Retreat Includes:

•  Ka'a Lele 'au — an Ancient Movement Meditation igniting Balance, Harmony & Mana (Life Force Energy) in your entire system.
• Ho'omanamana — Gentle physical practices to open subtle pathways from the Body Consciousness to our awareness.
• Ho'oponopono / Core & Cellular Healing — A simple process to free trapped emotions, including trauma & pain and bring us back into Right Relationship with our inner & outer 'Ohana (Family)
• Ke Ala Hoku / Pathway to the Stars — All of the practices are foundational to The Sacred art of Ancient Lomi Lomi

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Dates & Times: 

Monday, June 24.  —  Sunday, June 30, 2019 .
(Beginning and ending times to be announced)


Retreat Facility — near Warsaw, Poland.


Earlybird:  €960 before May 31, 2019
After May 31, 2019:  €1,080
includes Accommodation, Food, Training, Workshop Supplies & Tuition.

Please be prepared to be completely off of phone and internet
for the duration of the Retreat

Application Process:  

Follow this Link to Apply.
After reviewing your Application, we will be sending confirmation via email within 10 days.
Your Deposit of €450 to hold your space will be returned should your Application not be accepted.

Payment Options:

Bank Transfer:
Contact us for Bank Transfer information:

Available on the Application Page.
There will be an additional €20 fee for Paypal Transactions.

Contact Poland Organiser for more information:

Contact:  Artur Lewinski
Email: Artur.Lewinski@gmail.com
+48 (502) 267-9530

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About Our Workshop


Reach High, for stars lie hidden in you.
—Rabindranath Tagore

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