Embodying Spirit Retreats

Aloha and Welcome to a new offering from Lineage of Light.
Embodying Spirit Retreats are an opportunity to experience the foundations of this work through Ancient practices and openings that bring us into a new relationship with Life — in our bodies, our path and in all Being.

These Retreats will offer an experiential journey into the essence of who we are.
The Sacred Container of this work allows for accelerated discovery, embrace and transmutation of those parts of ourselves that have held us back from our true potential. As transmutation occurs, new energy becomes free in our system, giving birth to possibilities we may have never imagined.

Free the Bright Spirit inside of you to flow throughout all aspects of your Life!

Join us for 5 days of quantum discovery through ancient movement, moving meditations,
and new navigational tools to deepen and enhance our Essential Resonance.
May 2019 • Ibiza, Spain
October 2019 • Saltspring Island, Canada

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MAY 2019 (Dates TBC)

Details coming soon!

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Saltspring Island, B.c., Canada

October 14-18, 2019

Details coming soon!


Embodying Spirit Retreats are held in locations with a wide expanse of nature, beauty and resonance to support and nurture our Life Force. Our daily programme includes a restorative and regenerative ancient practice, called Ho’omanamana which brings us in to a deep awareness of the subtle matrix of our mental, emotional and spiritual being in the body. Ho’omanamana offers us a new way to perceive ourselves, and the way we interact with the world.

We will step into the practice of Ka’a Lele ‘Au or ‘Flying’ — a dynamic movement meditation in which all parts of us are moving in the shape of the Infinite. This practice accelerates our internal ‘speed’, enhances vitality, and expands awareness of the quantum field of the body.

Core & Cellular Healing, a modern form of the ancient Hawaiian healing practice of Ho’oponopono, will allow us to meet old, stagnant or unhealed places in us that may have been stuck. This work allows for the origin points to emerge and become free, resulting in resolution, harmony and forward movement.

Each participant will receive a Sacred Session of Ancient Lomi Lomi from Accredited Practitioners of the work. Ancient Lomi Lomi is mystical in nature, allowing us to access Spirit more deeply through the body.