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Please note: This Retreat does not include
bodywork instruction

about ‘embodying spirit’

Embodying Spirit Retreats are held in locations with a wide expanse of nature, beauty and resonance to support and nurture our Life Force. Salt Spring Centre for Yoga is a beautiful facility on magical Salt Spring Island, in the Gulf Islands of British Columbia, Canada. We will be nourished daily with organic and locally sourced meals freshly cooked by their stellar chefs.

Embodying Spirit offers ancient, revolutionary ways to shift neural pathways embedded in our body and perceptions.  The wisdom of far-ancient Hawai'i  guides us in a container which recognizes the One Being that we are: Body, Mind, Spirit, Emotions, Memory, Hopes, Dreams, Behavior Patterns, Insecurities, Awareness, etc. — all alive in us together. Caught in our conceptual and mentally-based culture, we can sometimes forget that we are one, deeply interconnected whole. We will work with movement meditations, breath & ancient navigation of body, mind & spirit. Included is a full session of Ancient Lomi Lomi bodywork — opening new avenues of communication from the body to the mind. Dropping below the conscious mind, we will immerse ourselves in a deep listening to the Mystery which infuses our Being.  Embodying Spirit is a profound opportunity to step into a new paradigm of perception, changing our world from the inside out.

From this place, our system offers up what is uniquely ready to be seen, heard and freed in us. These are often things which have been holding us back in life, or embedded habitual ways of being that are no longer needed. Working through the body instead of the mind allows for our system to speak with clarity, and to rapidly transmute the old.

This rare work, passed through my teacher, Kahuna Abraham Kawai’i, is an opportunity to embody the wholeness that pours through us. This is our natural state of being, our birthright. Very early in life, many of us learn to block, suppress or ignore this potent force, and spend much of our lives striving to regain that state of being.

Below is a brief description of some of the practices included. If you choose to attend, I and the work welcome you to a Journey into more Harmony, Joy & Freedom. Aloha!

• Our daily programme includes a Restorative and Regenerative ancient practice, called Ho’omanamana which brings us in to a deep awareness of the subtle matrix of our mental, emotional and spiritual being, and its dynamic presence in the body. Ho’omanamana offers us a new way to perceive ourselves, and the way we interact with the world.

• We will step into the practice of Ka’a Lele ‘Au or ‘Flying — a dynamic movement meditation in which all parts of us are moving in the shape of the Infinite. This practice accelerates our internal ‘speed’, enhances vitality, and expands awareness of the quantum field of the body.

The ancient Hawaiian art of Ho’oponopono, the practice of “making things right” in both inner and outer worlds, will be offered through a modern form of this powerful healing practice, called Core & Cellular Healing. This process will allow us to meet old, stagnant or unhealed places in us that may have been stuck. This work allows for the origin points to emerge and become free, resulting in resolution, harmony and forward movement.

• Each participant will receive a Sacred Session of Ancient Lomi Lomi from Accredited Practitioners of the work. Ancient Lomi Lomi is mystical in nature, allowing us to access Spirit more deeply through the body.

Be prepared for profound and accelerated personal & spiritual growth grounded in Ancient body-centered practices.

What you need to know:

Dates & Times:

Tuesday, October 15, 2019 • 10AM - Saturday, October 19, 2019 • 2PM
(Please note: Start and end times may be altered pending Ferry schedules)


Saltspring Centre of Yoga
355 Blackburn Road
Salt Spring Island, BC
V8K 2B8

Getting There

Salt Spring Centre of Yoga is one of the beautiful southern gulf islands between Vancouver and Victoria. The island has three ferry terminals and is easily accessed from Victoria, Vancouver or Washington state. If you need additional assistance please don’t hesitate to call the Centre at 250-537-2326 or email


Tuition & Retreat Expenses: 
$1,530 - $1,700 (depending on accommodation choices)



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“When we allow ourselves to moved by Creation,
We are Free.”

—Lineage of Light

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