Lightworkers, Haleakala, Star Beings
This powerful work calls forward a transmission of Pure Healing energies from within our cellular structure, as well as the highest levels of Light, Illumination, Healing and Love through Deities that are here to help and heal.  Designed to free trauma, blockages or limitations holding us back on any level, this conscious work invokes The Great Presence within each of us, and goes deep into the cellular memory exposing and releasing anything we are ready to release, that is not in alignment with our the Highest Expression of our Soul.

Jody's life path has been one of personal and spiritual development always integrated with the vital essence in the body. She grew up having shamanic experiences from the age of 13. Not knowing what to make of them, Jody was led on a path of perpetual discovery and exploration, experiencing a wide range of healing practices and modalities. In 1999 she experienced a powerful physical and energetic transmission of Light, Energy, Vibration and Resonance which was extremely challenging for her physical body. Her electrical, nervous, and circulatory systems were on 'overload' due to the new frequencies of Light and Energy pouring thorough. In Kahu's words to her, It was an experience of being "thrown against the gates of creation — call it what you may, Samadhi, Nirvana, Touch of the "Holy Spirit".

For one full month, her Hawaiian teacher, Kahu Abraham Kawai'i, worked with Jody daily, in a private training, to upgrade her system and integrate the powerful transmission that was opening to her. Ever since this experience, Jody has found herself to be Clairaudient, and has been able to receive and transmit high frequencies of Light and Healing energy. These abilities were amplified within and throughout her physical body. For the next 11 years, Jody worked with this new energy, expanding the pathways through her system with bodywork, breath, martial art and further guidance.

Jody has since deepened this work through studies with a Siberian Shaman, Celtic Healer & Hawaiian Mystic, and has experienced numerous Transmissions and openings to the Ancient Wisdom, Light, Information and Healing of Ireland, Scotland, Israel, Turkey, Balearic Islands and Hawai'i. Through this work, ancestral wisdom from Jody's many lineages has revealed itself in the form of further Energetic Transmissions, Clairsentience (spontaneous 'knowing') and Cellular Awakening.

Jody's purpose and passion now, is to pass on this profound opening to Spirit, and transformation of consciousness, to assist others in fully realizing their own unique and beautiful expression of the Light • Source • Love, that permeates everything.

Since 2010, she has been offering private sessions and group workshops in Core & Cellular Healing — a transformational process founded in guidance from the Heart of Our Creator, The Source of Love.    Core & Cellular Healing is also a modern form of the ancient Hawaiian practice of Ho'oponopono — facilitating the rapid and permanent healing of trauma, discord, old patterning and blockages on all levels through a powerful transmission and Living Prayer, affecting body, mind and spirit.

Both Kahuna Bodywork and Core & Cellular Healing serve to expand our capacity for Light, Healing, Compassion, Harmony and Love in every area of our lives.  These experiences open us on cellular and energetic levels to a deeper connection with Source in ourselves, each other, and with all of humanity.